Players: 0/600
Uptime: 2017:01
Welcome to TItanium World

The Open Tibia server.

Hello adventurer, join the world of Titanium.

Here you can enjoy many adventures and diffirent quests, 
alone or find here new friends!

Fight against strong creatures of the darkness or go for 

There are tons of custom quests, spells and hunt-places on the server.

Client 7.6, Serveradress: Port:7171


1. Any use of bots is not acceptable and is punished by a ban for 1/2/3/.. 
   days based on number of witnessed cases (e.g. screen, video)

2. One house per character is allowed.

3. Any racist/extremist behaviour is punished by permanent bar.

4. Names violating 3. rule are permanently banned.

5. Any advertising is strictly forbidden, results in 1 day ban.

Note: When you accuse someone of violating rules, bring up evidence.